Reducing Your Fever Naturally

Learn these simple techniques to treating a fever at home and reducing your fever slowly and naturally.

Doctors may be quick to advise and administer acetaminophen and ibuprofen when you or your children spike a fever. The truth is, however, for hundreds of generations fevers were allowed to play a purposeful role in fighting your illnesses for you. If a fever isn’t able to run its course, it cannot accomplish the infection-fighting job it is assigned to do.

There are many ways to help your fever break gently and lower temperature without shocking your system so quickly that the fever becomes useless. Here are some simple home remedies to reduce a fever naturally:

• Keep your home at a regular temperature. You may be tempted to raise the thermostat and grab a blanket because you are experiencing chills from your fever. However, it is important to try and keep the outside body temperature a normal 68 degrees to 74 degrees, so you must keep your home at that degree as well.

• Wear regular, loose fitting, cotton clothing. Again, you will feel like you want to grab your thickest pair of sweats and get under three of Grandma’s fluffiest quilts. For your fever to run its natural course, the fever needs to breathe through your pores, go through a small amount of sweat and then out through the air to cool your inside body degree slowly.

• Take a lukewarm bath. Avoid a hot bath as this will raise your temperature higher inside your body and can become dangerous. Also, do not jump in a cold bath either. This could shock your body and cool it way too quickly. Remember, we are using natural methods so that the fever stays useful to fight against infection. We want to restore the body to its normal temperature gradually to be effective.

• Drink lots of fluid. This may seem way too obvious, but when you are not feeling well you may forget this very important step. Water is the best fluid you can administer to your body. Companies will push their electrolyte vitamin water, but if you are not vomiting, you are not losing essentials. Water is used in many ways to reduce a fever naturally. Most importantly, it helps flush the infection that is causing your body to raise your fever, so drinking plenty is a way to help your body along in the process and can reduce the fever sooner. Also, your body is prone to sweat to cool off the fever with cold sweat through your pores. It is a natural defense against your fever. The water must be replenished in your body. It is recommended that you drink 10-12 eight ounce glasses of water each day that you have a fever. You can save the orange juice, the vitamin water and soup broth for later when your fever is down and you want to replenish some calories and other nutrients.

• Keep a thermometer nearby. You’ll want to monitor your temperature closely – at least every other hour – to make sure it is staying in a safe range. If it becomes too high (over 103 degrees) this could be an indicator of a serious infection or a life threatening condition. Call your doctor if your fever elevates above this level.

* Call your doctor if a baby under one year old is experiencing a fever over 101 degrees.

** Make sure your doctor is aware that you are using natural methods at home to reduce your fever. Your doctor should be informed so they can give you personal advice based on your individual condition.

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