H1N1: Swine Flu

All about Swine Flu.

Swine influenza is a disease that commonly occurs among pigs. Farming vaccinate against it. Pandemic of swine flu, also called the Mexican or the new flu, was established in 2009 after it was found that mutation of the virus A/H1N1 is transmitted to humans and continued to spread among them.

Cough, fever (SI according to the English Swine influenza) is an acute, highly contagious respiratory disease of pigs, which is extended throughout the world. Infected pigs slowly gain weight. The virus can cause illness separate flour pathogens cause respiratory disease complex in swine (PRDC).

Virus of swine influenza H1N1 is present in pig populations worldwide, with 25% of animals showing the presence of antibodies against infection. Initially, local epidemics of the virus affected three areas of Mexico within a few days then, the whole world. The virus spread quickly and soon showed that the mutation may be a new H1N1 virus to infect people with each other.

In less than a month's illness from Mexico and the United States spread to the rest of the world. Deaths caused panic and people around the world have started wearing masks. Later showed that the number of flu is not as significant as initially thought, and the most people handle it without problems.

In the England, the first case occurred in May 2009 and the virus is gradually spreading. In the autumn it was clear that a virus called the swine flu virus is predominant, anyone sick flu, it probably is as with seasonal influenza.

According to data of the National Reference Laboratory for Influenza wave came a few weeks earlier than last year and proven cases of the disease is more. The Office but noted that this is partly due to the fact that it makes more laboratory tests.

Pharmaceutical companies have begun work on vaccines and states in much bought up among the people in the world but not of interest in vaccination. Most of these swine influenza as a "normal" flu, others fear that the vaccine is not sufficiently tested.

In the England government were selected vulnerable groups to get vaccine inoculated with leaving a smaller proportion of seriously ill and even fewer doctors and nurses. National Security Council even proposed to introduce compulsory vaccination, but it is literally met with resistance.

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