Health Alert for Pakistani Citizens Regarding Dengue Fever

Health Alert: Dengue Fever in Pakistan, how to avoid illness. Health Alert: Dengue Fever in Pakistan requires individual communities to be aware and prepared to to take steps to avoid illness.

Do you know that Dengue is a viral disease and is spread by mosquitoes? So of course, the spread of unhygienic conditions is directly involved with it!

My suggestion is that you keep your surroundings clear! The government of Pakistan is trying its best to eradicate and finally eliminate this disease from Pakistan. But as you know, government interests matter. in addition we are considered as a developing country. A large number of posters, leaflets and pamphlets carrying informative material about the disease are being distributed in hospitals and among the general public so that they can take preventive measures against the dengue virus.  Yet, the control of any disease is not possible without any community participation. As we controlled chiken pox and eliminated it from the face of world, it can only happen with community participation and awareness to control Dengue as well.

It should also be remembered that everything is not to be blamed on the government. Something has to be done by people themselves, and people of any community, for the welfare of this generation as well as for upcoming generations to keep this world in homeostasis. This is only possible with combined efforts!

I am going to give you tips about dengue virus: as it is communicable disease, yet cannot be spread by intimate contact or by eating with the sick. Please read my article and you will come to know what to do and what not to do.

Main signs and symptoms:

Fever, cough, prolonged headache, rashes on skin, itching eyes, redness on nasal side of eye(s), etc.

What to do:

Excessive water intake, if no headache, can aggravate it; ensure drainage of excess water around surroundings; cover fresh water so that mosquitoes cannot access it;  cover your body, never expose yourself to mosquitoes, as LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FASHION--wear full-coverage clothing.  If any of the symptom appear, immediately consult the nearest hospital or special doctor or physician, or just contact me by using the "Message Me" button on my Profile page here on Factoidz; I will guide you in the best possible way.

What not to do

Often, people use aspirin or its related drugs for prolonged headache--never use aspirin or its derivatives if Dengue could be possible.

Test available!

Different tests are available in big cities.  Although currently there is no specific treatment for Dengue, still medical treatment is best for its management. In Pakistan, different labs, e.g. Shoukat Khanum, Agha Khan, Zeenat, Chughtai Lab, etc., are doing immunological tests--take whatever test is prescribed by your doctor!

Take care of yourself and your subordinates!

Dr. Faizan Ali, MBBS, Lahore


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